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Our company was established since 8 April, 2015 and incorporate from ministry of corporate affairs government of India. This company is affiliated from Department of Industry, Government of Bihar, Ministry of Power, MNRE( Ministry of New and Renewal Energy, Govt. of India), BREDA(Bihar Renewal Energy Development Authority, Govt. of Bihar), MSME( Ministry of MIcro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India), NSIC(National Small Industry Corporation Limited, Govt. of India) and registered in PPA(Power Purchase Agreement with DISCOM, Ministry of Power, Govt. of India), PPP 2012( Public Procurement Policy 2012), SPRS ( Single Point Registration System), GEM(Govt. E-Marketing) and Ge-PNIC also with GSTIN, IEC, DGFT(Director General of Foreign Trade, Govt. of India), FIO, Indian Trade Portal, CII Kolkata, EPFO, ESIC, ZED, BIS, ISO Certification. It's besides the company carry on business as production and manufacturing of all types electrical and electronics, goods, instruments and apparatus etc.. The carry on business as supply and services also.

We have a dedicated Team of Professionals. technocrats and leaders in Non conventional energy sources. in India. The rising cost of fuel oil compelled the Power industry to search for alternative energy sources and biomass in general and rice husks in particular were considered a suitable alternative for producing energy. Bihar. being a rice producing state has a very good opportunity of rice husk to use as a fuel for power plants. We aim at becoming one of the major energy producing sources at Bleasy Power and communication Pvt. Ltd. and emerge as a leader within the agro-industrial sector.


Recently company established a Biomass based Power Plant with 4MW/hour in Wajirganj, Dist. Gaya, Bihar. Because, Power generation by using rice husk is a carbon-neutral and renewable source of energy. thereby reducing the emission of greenhouse gases: it also results in a reduction in emissions of sulfur and other pollutants associated with the use of fossil fuels. thereby improving local environmental conditions. This process also has a role in improvement in the efficiency of the husk-fired boilers. leading to its acceptability by the industry and other stakeholders as an acceptable practice and in development of the local economy by creating a market for rice husks Thus the former problem of disposal of rice husk as waste gets solved too and the power generated can meet the thermal energy requirements of the process industry in a more cost-effective manner even at grass root level. this process can generate employment for collection and supply of rice husks.

From the desk of CMD

It takes me through a process of salvation while I realize the immense opportunities hidden within the state of Bihar. Yet to be explored to its fullest capacity . One of them happens to be husk based power generation. Rice husk accounts for an appreciably high percentage by weight of rice. It comes from rice milling process as a by-product. Major three uses of Rice Husk Ash are in the steel, cement and refractory bricks industry. Generally, a large amount of rice husk is dumped as waste which results in waste disposal problem and methane emission on decomposition. The use of rice husk for electricity generation in efficient manner. We are likely to transform this agricultural by-product or waste into a valuable fuel for industries and thus might help in boosting the farm economy and rural development of our state. In fact a systematic approach to this material can give birth to a new industrial sector of rice husk power production in India.

The use of rice husks for process power generation has lots of benefits like the process is carbon-neutral and is renewable source of energy. thereby reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. For large capacity biomass plants. arranging fuel is a big problem. Though biomass plants were set up to meet the needs of the economy. these plants had to face continuous threat of shut down due to low availability of biomass. We have strong back end integration for addressing this issue. With a vision Towards an Excellence through Green Initiatives and a mission To Translate The dream of the Community of the region in to reality.. we shall see the Sky without limits!!


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